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Gaining Traction During National Cyber Security Awareness Month: It Starts With Understanding

Oct 15, 2012 1:27 PM / by Jason Ouellette

October has a lot going on. Here in New England we have the leaf peepers; post-season baseball in full swing (sort of) and scents of apple and pumpkin at every turn.

Let us not forget that the best month on the calendar is also National Cyber Security Awareness month.

Here at PAN we’ve always had a strong focus on the security marketplace. Be it mobile security, identity management, event management or video surveillance and analytics, our team has been working with clients to help them navigate through this critical yet crowded market.

One of the most successful ways we’ve been able to generate attention for our clients is to get inside the head of a potential buyer (the CISO, CSO or CIO) and think like a customer. What are their pain points? What means the most to them, and how does this solution differ from the other 10 in the same marketplace? As it’s been talked about on this blog and around the industry, market intelligence and understanding the makeup of a prospect is what makes good marketing great. The tools are there for us to take advantage of; making sense of the information is what differentiates us. LinkedIn currently has hundreds of security focused groups with thousands of members that cover nearly every focus area–anti-virus, privileged identity management, SSO and security & privacy to name a few. There are blogs and columns dedicated to the hacker community that give us the chance to understand where the next vulnerable threat could surface. And then we, the consumer, come in. Most if not all of our clients in the B2B security field provide a technology or service that helps protect our data and information at some point during the online lifecycle. Whether it is our mobile banking accounts, online insurance claims or an app download, we are the ultimate beneficiaries of these security solutions and must consider end user concerns.

So how does one go about understanding a market segment? Do you rely on the community to provide some direction and answers to questions you may have? And once you get that info, how do you put that to good use and leverage in your marketing campaigns? The more information makes sense to your audience, the more efficient and effective your communications strategies will be. That is why marketing and public relations teams are being tasked with overseeing brand management, competitive intelligence and product marketing initiatives.

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