To Integrate or Not? There’s Only One Answer for Marketers

Mark Nardone

We’ve all been there before in order to make informed, expedited purchasing decisions: Researching a product online before purchasing. Downloading an app for a better connection to transact. Taking the advice from friends and colleagues via social channels like Facebook or LinkedIn. Reacting to the latest and greatest coupon or discount offer from your most treasured brand. 

Now imagine being a marketer trying to stay connected to these buyer behaviors on a consistent and compelling level. All the while, you’re competing with other admired brands tugging at customers’ purchasing strings.

Marketers are challenged now more than ever to build the right connected customer strategy across an omni-channel experience. Data insight, purchasing patterns and brand equity have increased the longevity of the CMO at these companies to longer than 48 months and brought the conversation to Board level. There’s a reason for this, and marketers that understand how to be agile while communicating with customers will have a huge advantage.


So we ask the question to marketers – are you ready for the integrated communication journey? Are there specific needs and skill sets that must be addressed in order to start down the path? With more than 60% of customer’s decision made up by the time they hit your site – have you pre-emptively converted them into revenue? 

We’ve developed a simple assessment for marketers to begin understanding the essential questions that should be asked before jumping into an integrated strategy, from team structure, to SEO and digital components. Take some time and fill out the check list. Once completed, let’s start the dialogue about moving to an integrated framework for communications, and more importantly, customer engagement.


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