3 Tips for Making the Most of Public Relations Internships

Kayla McFadden

For most college students, the thought of walking into an office on your first day as an intern can be quite daunting. But, what most first time interns have yet to learn is that an internship begins the second you submit a resume. As I’m coming to the end of my internship here at Vantage PR, I thought I would share three tips for anyone starting public relations internships to help not only prepare for the first day stresses, but for the possibility of an incredible experience.

  1. Plan Ahead. Making sure you are on time (early) for your first day shows much more than the ability to read a clock. It emphasizes your respect for a company’s time, an eagerness to learn, and that you place responsibility as a high value. If you are new to the area, spend the day prior to starting your internship finding and timing your route to work so you know how to start the day.
  2. Be Organized. Staying organized not only keeps you on track with deadlines, but also shows your ability to work hard and be effective with time management. If you could see my computer currently, you would see a frame of sticky notes with “To Do’s” on them to make sure I am staying on top of every task given to me. If you take organization seriously, you might find that it opens the door for more responsibility to be offered to you in your internship.
  3. Work Hard. Play Hard. This is a phrase that Vantage PR abides by and as I have come to find, is a vital element in not only growing and learning as an intern, but in establishing yourself within a company. Work hard on every big or small task given to you because each is a learning experience. When the opportunity arises to “play hard,” be confident enough to do so. Go out to lunch with co-workers, and if the company plans a group event, GO! Participate in the company culture and you soon become part of the team, not just someone there for school credit.

These three simple things will not only make sure your internship is a guide for your future career, but also make it an experience like mine, one that will last a lifetime.

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