3 Valuable Tools for Twitter Management

Alex Kummert

In 2015, it goes without saying that Twitter is a must-have tool for businesses, marketers, and humanity Twitter is so heavily ingrained in the social media marketing space because it fits into any context: any event, moment, or announcement can be run through a Twitter channel and be a valuable contribution to a marketing strategy. The versatility of Twitter has opened up further avenues of accessibility to the Twitter platform. Digging a little further into the Twitter rabbit hole can open up a variety of avenues to help optimize the coverage, strategy, and content of your accounts, which can further impact the rest of your content or social media strategies. Here are three tools that will help make all your Twitter management goals come to fruition.

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Developer Tapbots has built one of the most powerful Twitter management platforms for any IOS device. Tweetbot on the go streamlines your ability to track and contribute to social media campaigns from the palm of your hand. One of the keys to Tweetbot’s effectiveness is it’s UI, which integrates various swiping motions for touch screens, allowing you to favorite, retweet, or open a reply window with a simple swipe in one direction. Along with this severely cutting down navigating a lot of menus and windows, it also keeps your phone in one hand, which brings tears of joy to serial multitaskers like myself. Tweetbot also lets you move from account to another with two quick taps, giving managing multiple accounts a clean feel, and with no excess logins.

Popular amongst casual and professional users alike, Twitter’s own Tweetdeck client provides every aspiring social media monarch a proper Twitter throne.  What makes Tweetdeck different from Twitter’s typical web client is its core use of columns. These columns span across multiple contexts: mentions, hashtags, tracking other accounts, and beyond. Along with this focus on columns, Tweetdeck has also made a very clear distinction on working via Twitter as a team with their latest release of “Tweetdeck Teams”. Tweetdeck Teams allows multiple users to contribute to an account or campaign, without having to necessarily know the password for that account. These features make Tweetdeck the ultimate tool for setting up a Twitter command center at your office, conference, or client’s event. Running a hashtag in conjunction with a key event, strategy, or company mission? Drop a column tracking that Hashtag into your Tweetdeck window and never lose sight of any engagement. Want to get ahead of the game? Tweetdeck can schedule a tweet across multiple accounts at any time. This is great for keeping on top of event itineraries or keeping a steady stream of updates going throughout the week (an absolute boon for your content calendar!). Whether you’re prepping for a new campaign rollout, settling in for your next big live-tweeting adventure, or trying to find that meme you keep hearing people talking about, Tweetdeck is the optimal way to keep your Twitter account fresh.

The previously mentioned Twitter tools focus on optimizing your content curation and account management and in contextual tandem can work wonders for managing global or more direct coverage of a brand, event, or live chat. But before you can get to that step in your social media strategy, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the “pre-production” phase of your Twitter usage. It’s easy to start a hashtag, but much more difficult to execute it without the proper tools. The one-stop place for all of your hashtag and campaign needs can be found using Ritetag. What makes Ritetag so valuable when it comes to hashtag preparation and research is its presence in all phases of a Twitter campaign: you can use Ritetag to analyze past hashtags performances, get live analysis of current hashtag performance, as well as access to the current top trending hashtags around the world. Ritetag’s tools aren’t only expansive, but quick to understand and capitalize on, through specific color codes. Through this color coding system, you can quickly analyze the effectiveness of a tweet through a variety of factors: it’s length, whether or not it has an image and more. These tools are compatible with various other Twitter tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, and can be further optimized for Chrome users via their browser extension. Whether you are marketing yourself, your company, or a client, Ritetag is a must-have tool in preparation, research, and execution in your Twitter campaigns.

Twitter excels in its simplicity. The confines of the 140 character limit are what make content marketing on the platform so exciting and challenging. While it takes a lot of street smarts to work through a successful Twitter campaign, you don’t have to go it alone. With the help of these three tools, tackling Twitter in any context and on any platform proves to be no sweat.

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