A Guide to Engage with Analysts

Melissa Chin

When it comes to working with the media, people who aren’t familiar with public relations usually just assume we pitch to just editors or bloggers from publications. However, building relations with analysts is both beneficial and important for any PR or marketing activity for a company. Strong analyst relations can help bring in larger customers and orders, especially for B2B and technology companies. Analyst’s coverage, analysis and commentary help shape industry trends, company reputations and influence decision makers buying purchases.

Now you know how important a strong analyst relation is, what are some tips on the rules of engagement to maintain these relationships?

1. Target the analyst you want to talk to.unnamed

Do a little homework on which analyst you need to talk to. Each analyst covers a different area so researching their background can help you better understand their focus and it can help you anticipate questions they may ask you.

2. Remember analysts are different from journalists.

Journalists are looking for a story and analysts have specific goals and unique influences that

they’re looking for. Analysts want to understand the market better. They’re interested in understanding how the product works and what the future entails for the vendor.

3. Be honest.

You know what they say; honesty is always the best policy. That same rule applies when you’re talking to an analyst. Be honest about any concerns or areas of improvement. You’re talking to an industry expert, so more than likely if you have a problem you can ask for strategy insights or guidance.

4. Be mindful of the analyst’s time.

Analysts are in high demand. Finding a time slot in their schedule can be hard to do, so once you do grab a spot be sure to respect the time you’re given. During your briefing, be sure to check in with them before going over your allotted time.

Building relations with analysts is a key part in a company’s media outreach. In pop culture terms, think of building relationships with the media as building a squad (like Taylor Swift). You need a healthy mix of media and analysts to boost your company into the limelight. Taking these tips will help in your relationship with them. One last piece of advice, give year round attention to the analyst. Don’t just meet with them once and move on. Keep them up to date on your company because in the end, your company will be at the top of the list when thinking they’re conducting research.

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