Advantages for Tech Companies in the Southeast

Laura Beauregard

Silicon Valley and New York are the well-known hot spots for tech companies and start-ups. But in recent years there have been a handful of new cities popping up on the map that are establishing themselves as new tech hubs – especially in the southeast region of the United States.

While the southeast tech community does face a few challenges – perhaps the biggest being perception from other tech companies, VCs and even the media that tend to flock to the traditional tech hubs – there are many advantages to being a tech company in the southeast.

Possibly the biggest advantage is an opportunity presented in the southeast: rapid growth. As my colleague Sasha Dookhoo noted in a previous blog on Innovation in the Southeast, areas like Research Triangle Park, Cummings Research Park and Central Florida Research Park are rapidly growing thanks to surrounding universities that have strong technology and engineering focuses. The beauty of these areas maturing into the tech space means greater offerings to top, new talent.

Talent acquisition is a top priority for tech companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. What makes the southeast especially unique is its appeal to individuals looking for a different setting or pace of life from typical city tech hubs like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. With cultural and recreational activities that span from meandering through well-visited historic districts to hiking, climbing and relaxing on beaches, the attraction to these areas is bound to appease the desires of any employee. And with an overall lower cost of living and lower commercial real estate costs than the big cities, the appeal only intensifies.


There is so much to offer in this region, which why it’s grabbing the attention of top tech media outlets like Mashable, known for reporting on the latest innovations in technology. The fact that this region is known as an upcoming hot spot for new tech is another big advantage for companies, as editors are eager to hear of the new products and accomplishments coming from this area. From a brand visibility perspective, there are opportunities to share your company’s story not only with local media but with national press, as well.

So when you’re looking for places to move or launch your tech company, consider the southeast region and great cities like Raleigh, Atlanta, Huntsville, Orlando or Tampa. With access to some of the nation’s top technical talent and with the potential for lower operating costs, there is no need to try and insert yourself in other highly competitive areas.

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