Beyond 140 Characters: Twitter’s new “quote tweet” and personalization

Lauren Kaufman

This week, Twitter officially launched a new reTweet, or ‘quote Tweet’ feature making it easier for users to plug other people's tweets and add commentary of their own. The social networking site began testing this feature last summer, but just officially unleashed to web and iPhone users this week, with Android availability to follow.tweetception

Tweetception image by TechCrunch

Twitter has been testing out different ways to retweet for some time now in an effort to offer a more visually appealing user experience. According to TechCrunch, “‘Retweet with comment’ allows users to embed a tweet in their own tweets, which lets them get around Twitter’s 140-character limit when they write their own commentary.” With this new change, users now have 116 additional characters, which can make a big difference from an engagement stand point.

PAN’s Digital Strategist, Susan Frechette, offered the following expertise, “I think this reinforces the importance of personalization and takes engagement to a new level. This new feature is also a great way to prompt and encourage businesses to show a human side behind their handles.”


As a PR practitioner, this update impacts the way we should approach community management. PAN Account Executive, Alyssa Miron notes, “The new feature changes the more manual process of retweeting and gives credit back to the original tweet, which will help with community management. By expanding upon the 140 character limit to allow for more original content to be added, we can leverage more of our client’s key messages, thought leadership platform and brand identity in our communications on the platform.”

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new ‘Quote Tweet’ feature? Let me know at @LaurenAKaufman.

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