Here’s What We Love About Working in PAN’s Orlando Office

Sydney Holmquist

Back in December, we announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based Vantage PR. However today marks the first day that we are officially one PAN Communications. We decided to acknowledge this national growth and integration by having an office wide competition for best represention of our cities: Boston, Orlando and San Francisco

Check out Orlando's pic below!


"I love the Orlando office location for the beautiful view of the city being up 10 stories high and the wall of windows. So much light!" - Kellie Woods, PR Intern

"I love the Orlando office because we have lots of different personalities that come together and we work well – like a well-oiled machine." - Sasha Dookhoo, Senior Account Executive

"We’re right in between two of the happiest places on earth – Disney and the beach!!" - Staci Didner, Account Executive

"The Orlando team is a fun, energetic, close-knit group…pretty much like family. Our sunny, warm weather fosters our creativity and drives results for clients." - Staci Didner, Account Executive

"I love the Orlando office location because we work right in the heart of downtown Orlando. The atmosphere here is perfect as it creates the perfect place to work and play. Not to mention, it’s a convenient spot to access great restaurants, fun weekly events and beautiful Lake Eola!" - Karina Chowdhury, Account Coordinator

"I love the Orlando Office because we have an amazing view of the City Beautiful in our space and we are conveniently located across the street from Beth’s Burgers which has the best darn burgers and fries ever!!!!!" - Laura Beauregard, Senior Account Supervisor

"I love our Orlando office because of its awesome location! We’re just a short walk to a number of different delicious restaurants, or down to Lake Eola to get some fresh air during the day! Orlando has such a strong community tie and I LOVE being a part of it." - Sydney Holmquist, Account Executive

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