PAN Goes All In: Powerball Edition

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“What would you do if you won the Powerball?”

It’s not uncommon to get lost in a tantalizing daydream about what you’d do with such an unimaginable chunk of change. The question plagued us PAN employees earlier this week when we were all drooling at the $534 Million Powerball Jackpot. The eager dreamers in the office all pulled two crumpled dollars from the depths of our PR pant pockets, rallying together a total of 30 tickets for the drawing. Would it be enough to produce the magic winning combination of numbers?


Sadly, it was not, and our dreams of buying an office in sunny Hawaii are not a reality…yet. But after learning that there were no winners in the Wednesday drawing, we decided to band together once more for a chance to win the largest jackpot in U.S. history – now an estimated $800 million – this Saturday!

Now we wait with fingers crossed, wood knocked and lucky rabbit feet in tow. In our irrefutable anticipation, I was able to uncover many very (unsurprisingly) creative responses to the question, “what would you do with your share of the money if we won?” Check out what our wishful daydreamers romanticized about below, and wish us luck!

A personal chef is a life goal!! And to have the money to invest in any tech company I’m interested in and watch that dough roll in! – Lisa Sorrentino, Senior Account Executive

PAN does a nice job of surprising the staff from time to time with a catered lunch to thank us for a job well done. If we won Powerball, I’d take over the program and schedule weekly staff lunches cycling through all of my favorites: mile-high sandwiches from Sam Lagrassa’s, gyros from Steve’s in Fanueil Hall Marketplace, pizza from Ernesto’s in the North End, seafood platters from the No Name. – Michael O’Connell, Senior Account Supervisor

I'm thinking of getting metal legs. It's a risky operation, but it'll be worth it. – Ashley Waters, Senior Account Executive

I’d pay off my mortgage and student loans, buy a condo in downtown Austin and spend some money traveling! – Alyssa Tyson, Digital Marketing Specialist

I would join forces with a nonprofit in Puerto Rico that rescues stray dogs, and I’d rescue every single last one so they can be adopted into a furever home! – Elizabeth Aguilo, Human Resources Manager 

Other than a self-driving car, I would buy an island and build the most amazing house on it. – Lisa Astor, Senior Vice President

I would buy a vintage mid-1960’s Lotus Formula 1 race car and travel Europe competing in vintage grand prix races at all the legendary tracks, indulging in champagne along the way. I’ve thought about this. A lot. – David Saggio, VP, PANdigital

I’d give half to various charities, pay off my student loans & mortgage, and pay for the big wedding I want! - Marki Conway, Account Supervisor

Personal chef. My number one goal in life – on par with being the next Kathie Lee or Hoda. – Emily Held, Senior Account Supervisor

I would buy a house with a room, bathroom and ping pong table for every PAN employee who wants to live there for extended periods. I would also start a farm for baby goats and West Highland Terriers. – Gaby Berkman, Senior Account Executive

I’d have to buy out Chicken and Rice Guys. Although if I’m eating that everyday, I’ll probably have to invest in a personal trainer as well. – Cori Kendrick, Senior Account Executive

Okay, not only would I stop taking the T everywhere, but I think if I won the PAN lottery I would go back to school forever. How cool it would be to just get a million different degrees, in random things like French, cooking, public health, etc.?! – Sarah Grucza, Account Executive

Honestly would just love free parking in Boston anytime, anywhere for life. – Katelyn Campbell, Account Supervisor 

Pay cash for my son’s full college tuition in 3 years! – Kim Spiller, Finance Operations Specialist

I’d invest in some new shirts and swish pants. – Gene Carozza, Senior VP (good call, Gene)

I would commission a dinosaur excavation site and force the scientists to name whatever they find after me. – Karen DeVincent, Senior Account Executive

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