Finding Marketing Lessons in Winter Storm Nemo

Ariel Burch Novak

There has been a flurry of activity as the North East prepares for what’s predicted to be an epic winter storm. For public relations and marketing professionals, there are lessons to be found in the preparation for Winter Storm Nemo.

Be Proactive

Proactivity is a hallmark of a successful PR or marketing practitioner. This is one area where preparation for the storm has excelled as well. Here in Boston, the Governor announced early that the subway would be shutting down at 3:30, and I got a text alert from NSTAR on Thursday night with a storm warning.

Be Prepared

When it comes to storms (and any associated marketing plan), it’s always a best practice to be as prepared as possible. And if you’ve seen the latest from the #Nemo hashtag, it appears many brands have used this preparation to execute a few personalized campaigns today.

Tastefully Capitalize on News

The Weather Channel has received some flack for hyping the storm. The New York Times Media Decoder blog said:

Many reporters and weather experts continue to roll their eyes at the channel’s storm-naming, just as they did when it was announced last November. It’s widely viewed as a marketing ploy, even though some skeptics admit that the names help raise awareness about storms.

While the National Weather Service isn’t happy about the new storm names, I think it was a great marketing strategy by the weather channel. It’s certainly got people talking. There is, however, a very fine line between talking positively about a campaign and coming off in a bad light. As PR pros, we also need to tie our client’s offerings to breaking news and industry trends, but it’s important to remember to do this in a tasteful way.

For all of your in the Northeast, be safe this weekend – and be on the lookout for brands trying to find exposure though Nemo!

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