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Katelyn Campbell

PAN has been a strong supporter of the Publicity Club of New England ("Pub Club") for many years now. Whether it’s our staff attending the monthly programs or hosting a networking event at our new Boston offices or having our team annually attend and take home multiple Bells at the Bell Ringer ceremony in June— PAN is very invested in the organization and local PR community.

I’ve loved being on the Board of Directors for the past four seasons and this year, I’m excited to take on the new role of the VP Social Media. The PubClub has a special place in my PR heart and I have made so many connections from the various events, board meetings and social gatherings that the club offers. The experiences teach me even more about PR, relationship building and improve my skillset.

Kicking off this year, we wanted to sit down and speak with the PubClub’s new President, Kristin Allaben. Kristin, a friend from our days at Bentley, is leading the club this year and has already set the bar high for our board. I’m excited to work with her and can’t wait to see the activities for this upcoming year.

Q: Thanks Kristin for your time today. For our readers who may not know, could you tell us about the Pub Club


Kristin Allaben Kristin Allaben

Sure! The Publicity Club of New England, affectionately known as the Pub Club, is an organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of the communications field. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to engage and connect with others in the industry. So, the Club organizes a number of monthly events throughout the Club’s season to bring professionals together to learn from each other. And it all culminates in the annual Bell Ringer Award Ceremony in June, where we join together to recognize the great work New England communications professionals have done over the course of the year.

Q: How can the PR community get involved in the Pub Club? What benefits does membership bring?

It’s easy – and a lot of fun – to be involved with the Pub Club. Our monthly events touch on a variety of topics, from industry best practices to networking events. Being a Pub Club member brings its own set of unique perks, including the opportunity to offer guest blog posts and engage with other members through our job board. But this really is just the surface. We’re actually revamping our membership perks this year, so keep an eye out for more!

Q: What do you hope to achieve this year as incoming President?

The PR world has changed drastically in the last 5+ years, and we have, too! My goal this year is to build brand recognition of the Club through our great programs that show we’re evolving with the industry.

4.) What does the upcoming new year look like? Any exciting events that we should all be registering for immediately?

I’m a bit biased… I think they all sound terrific! We just had our first ever Speed Pitching Panel with local tech reporters; there may be another event on the horizon targeting a different industry, as well. And up next, we have a Pub Club networking night on October 9 at Bean Town Pub. Another upcoming event that everyone can benefit from, regardless of where they are in their career, is our October 21 event on Public Speaking with Confidence.

Keep an eye out on our Programs page throughout the season. We’ll keep it updated with more information on other ways to engage as our events calendar is solidified.

Q: You’ve done it all Kristin—held multiple positions, run the Bell Ringers, and now President. What’s your favorite thing about being part of this organization?

It’s the people. Whether it’s at a board meeting or one of our events, everyone is always eager to learn, excited to participate, and willing to share their own knowledge and experiences. It’s contagious!wrwererw

Q: Any advice for PR professionals looking for a community like the Pub Club?

‘Community’ is a great way to describe the Pub Club. Everyone understands the excitement and adrenaline of the communications industry, whether that’s associated with a great day or a demanding one. It’s comforting to know you’re never alone – someone has been there, had a similar experience, and if it is, in fact, something new, we’re all learning together. It’s an incredibly motivating group.

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