Consumer Directed Healthcare: The Movement Among Us

Caitlyn Keating

There couldn’t be a more exciting time to work in Massachusetts if you’re in the tech, healthcare or life sciences industries.

Leading the nation in life sciences jobs, Massachusetts has more than 113,000 people in the state working in the life sciences industry. And now, the state is leading the way for consumer directed healthcare, requiring that insurers offer real-time prices – a huge step for controlling healthcare prices that have sky rocketed in the last decade.

We’ve heard about the rise in consumerism as it relates to marketing, and now that same idea is becoming prevalent in the healthcare industry. Consumers are finally becoming more influential stakeholders in the evolution of healthcare and its reform.

With this shift, education and improved communication is so important – a message we’re currently spreading with our client Alegeus Technologies. Increased transparency in healthcare brings new responsibilities to consumers, and they need better communication to understand these new mandates and, in turn, make good decisions for their personal healthcare needs. By spreading awareness and increasing education, consumers will become more empowered and better equipped to take advantage of this new transparency to curb healthcare costs.

PR can really help to spread this message and be an advocate for consumers. Our job is to facilitate streamlined communication and enable open dialogue between the public and the vendors who are empowering consumers– acting as a “liaison” of sorts for healthcare change and consumer empowerment.

The new mandate in Massachusetts is one of many steps towards consumer directed healthcare. We’re looking forward to see other states join in this movement, and watch as the transparency trend surpasses healthcare costs and moves into shared patient data, ultimately eliminating siloes in the healthcare industry. I'm passionate about healthcare PR as many on our team are. And as a PR person working on behalf of healthcare companies, I see it as our responsibility to ensure that consumers have all of the information and tools needed in order to properly understand and take advantage of these new opportunities to take control of healthcare expenses.

I'm looking forward to more changes in the healthcare system and our team looks forward to being a part of that change.





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