Beyond the Desk: A Day in the Life of a PR Agency Veep

Katelyn Campbell

Ever wonder what it is like to be a vice president at a busy public relations agency?

No, it's not like Mad Men.

At PAN, the role of VP, combines the day-to-day activities of managing client accounts and teams, while at the same time, assisting in the affairs of the PR agency and promoting the PAN brand.

Let’s take a peek into the “a day in the life" of a 'veep': October 8th.

Starting his day earlier than most, PAN Vice President Gene Carozza wakes up, turns on his computer, pours a cup of coffee and heads out the door, wearing his wind suit and fleece. He takes “the dog” (AKA the puppy known as Pepper) out for a walk and comes back to his home office where he reviews the day’s news and checks for client emails.

After reviewing the day’s agenda, Gene takes a look at client CloudBees’ latest creative and sharable images, part of the company’s most recent social media campaign. Gene has been instrumental in the new PANoptic and is the final reviewer before sending to our clients, making sure the team is providing value in their analysis, especially one with coverage like this. He then begins to catch up on the day’s news and trends, Twitter and LinkedIn Groups. He instinctively scans for opportunities that can be leveraged for clients.


Gene Carozza Gene Carozza

Gene gets ready for work, donning one of his trademarked "Gene's Shirts." After dropping off the “kid” at school, Gene then ambles into the office and catches up with his team. He sits in on the latest planning call, reviews a client’s press release, helps a new employee with a pitch for his team and brainstorms for the next quarter with another client. Creative ideas are the fuel to a good PR program, and Gene encourages his teams to think be innovative and “think different” when it comes to client programs.

Before he heads out to his next engagement, he makes sure to grab a coffee at Starbucks and one for a friend— usually Liz from HR. He makes sure to send an all-staff email with a practical joke and letting everyone know that he’s off to evangelize about PAN, PR and marketing.

Gene, an application development enthusiast is speaking at a client event: Alpha Worldwide Developer Conference. Gene was a selected speaker for Alpha Software’s user conference, speaking to more than 100 developers on how to better utilize social media in their own brand marketing campaigns and for their own personal brands.

As Alpha’s customers listen to Gene’s session and learn tips to marketing and PR strategies, Gene himself provides a perfect example for us at PAN to follow. His speaking session promotes lessons that he teaches every day. Being a vice president at an agency, Gene wears many hats but he always has time to teach and mentor. We love learning from Gene, even with the bad shirts and windpants.

As the conference winds down, Gene’s still going. He checks in with his others teams and the PAN executive team, making sure everything is all set. He heads home, picks up the kid (who is now selling candy, PAN folks!) He ends his day playing some Frisbee with Pep and gets ready to tackle it all again tomorrow.





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