How Employees Thrive: Building a Culture of Wellness

John Pinkham

Wellness in the workplace is something that most organizations acknowledge is critical for a positive and productive work environment. But what does that look like? What kind of commitment does a company have to make? The answer: it depends on your workplace!

At PAN, we have been committed to workplace wellness for sometime with our award-winning PANfit program. This past Thursday, PAN hosted a wellness fair for its employees to encourage healthy behavior, promote better decision-making and hook everyone up with some free wellness goodies. Many local vendors, including health experts and lifestyle companies, visited to tell their stories in hopes of inspiring the employees to become what we affectionately describe as PANfit. And of course, being PAN, there was also a little inter-staff competition.DSC_0147

PAN’s employees, being the enthusiastic bunch that they are, partook in all of the activities offered and learned a few valuable lessons along the way. As it turns out, sun does damage your skin and thanks to a Dermascan machine, we found out that we should all be using more sunscreen on our faces. Employees also got a look at their body compositions, found ways to de-stress, received massages, and some even got shots from Rite Aid to protect against the flu.

The star of the show, however, was Mr. German Lam of Glam Foods. German is a food coach, who specializes in empowering individuals to create a delicious, healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families and their friends. German brought his passion and swagger with him, and made delicious smoothies that helped PAN employees turn their bodies into brand new Ferraris. The inspirational chef taught everyone that recipes were not the way, but to create healthy meals based on what is best for the Ferrari. German motivated many people at the wellness fair to go out and change their eating habits to build their own Ferraris.DSC_0180

Then of course – no PAN event would be complete without a little competition. The wellness fair edition featured pushups, and as it turns out our staff has a couple of pushup beasts, and of course, some cheaters. Vice President Dan Martin was the big winner, and Associate and former circus trapeze artist Erin Spencer held her own against the guys. Finance Gary….thanks for playing.

All in all it was a very successful wellness fair that motivated PAN employees to truly become healthy and active. A big thank you to all the vendors who came in and educated our team!

Wellness Fair Participants

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