The Empowered Customer Marketing Panel

Mark Nardone

Consider this: how much control does the customer have over your brand?

We live in an omni-channel environment that challenges marketers and brands to do all they can to engage and become emotionally connected to their customers behavior like never before. What a time to be a marketer – what an opportunity to impact CHANGE!

On October 28th–leading senior marketers will gather at PAN to discuss one of the most hotly debated topics in their department – The Empowered Customer. This invite-only CMO panel discussion will be moderated by Forrester Research and feature senior-level marketers from SAP Cloud, Wayfair, Imprivata and LogMeIn.

Customers are now coming to a brand, well-informed and qualified to purchase. But marketers are just beginning to come to terms with how digitally connected their customers truly are-- from social channels (word-of-mouth, referrals from trusted sources) to research and information.

I’ve read recently that the vast majority of regardless of industry, are spending more than half their time researching online before they ever engage with sales. Think about that for a second – if you’re a marketer today, and are not connected to your customer, the difference between sales and abandonment becomes a scary reality. And this phenomena is not just impacting B2C—it’s happening to B2B marketers also.

It’s a content rich environment and many customers are reporting being overwhelmed on the path-to-purchase journey. In today’s always on world, the empowered customer is adjusting to filter out a brands noise and teeing up content that they only care about - a tall task for any marketer. How do they engage customers? At what time? With what campaign and what channel? Do you have the resources to engage? How is the data captured, used and measured? And can the rest of the organizations—sales—keep up and do it in and with the very best customer service?

On October 28th, these topics will be addressed in an action-packed 1.5-hour panel discussion. If you’re a marketer and these issues (or opportunities) are top of mind, this is a must-attend event. We’ll be here – and would love to have you join. Hit me @markcnardone or email and I’ll be sure to include you in the evening’s event.

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