How Not to Over-Eat at Black Friday's Annual PR Feast

Kyle Tildsley

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have morphed into holidays of their own and have Americans waking up early to find the best deals on vacuums, TVs and more, but how does this impact us as PR professionals?

Even if you don’t plan to hit the stores early Friday morning (I certainly won’t be), you are probably feeling the Black Friday impact from reporters, your CMO and even your colleagues. Sure some people will be making lists while planning their big buys, but how does this impact your media strategy for the end of November? Here are a few tips:

Don’t be afraid to push back on colleagues – Most companies are going to think they have a story to tell about Black Friday, but does that story really make sense? If you think the idea is a stretch, your media contents will likely feel the same way. Really think about what the day is about – getting expensive items, cheaply – and then ask yourself if your company really fits in.

Give reporters time – Just like Black Friday shoppers, reporters like to plan ahead of time and will likely know early on what they plan to cover as it relates to the shopping day. Think about getting your news out (remember, make sure it is relatable) before the Thanksgiving holiday to ensure reporters have time to digest and ask any follow up questions.

Don’t let your message get lost – Just like the crowds at the malls, there are going to be lots of Black Friday and Cyber Monday articles published in a range of publications. Be sure to have a concise message that relates to the shopping day and your company’s key objective. Remember to ask yourself what do you want readers to get out of your story?

With these tips in mind, you should be able to develop a strong Black Friday and Cyber Monday public relations plan. Will you be heading out this Black Friday or pitching stories for your clients? Personally, I don’t think there is a deal good enough to get me out of bed at 4am the day after Thanksgiving…

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