Think Like PR People. Measure Like Mad Men.

David Saggio

I love this line from a recent Mashable article on trends supercharging today’s PR. As I contemplated taking my new role as VP PANdigital, I gave a lot of thought to the next frontier of digital communications and marketing. After 20 years in the digital space I tend to be calculated and skeptical when evaluating what is on the horizon and shaping the future. I kept coming back to one key point: the universe of public relations is changing. The lines of marketing versus PR are increasingly blurred, causing success to rely more heavily on strategies that use content, community, and experiences to create actionable results.

At PAN, we strongly believe “traditional PR” is being enhanced by the continual evolution of digital and its integration into all aspects of our lives. In fact, we are staking our livelihood on it. But it’s not just about Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube, or as I like to joke, “electrons.” Once the basics of technology and platform are addressed, it comes down to the relevancy and timeliness of your message (hasn’t it always?). The focus switches to consistently valuable, shareable content that appeals to your audience.

Digital is about people. And message. And bringing the two together at the right time. Traditional PR agencies have tremendous experience in this area, so it’s a natural progression. The real difference that digital affords is that we are no longer just creating awareness around a moment, we are creating the moment itself! It’s about being timely and relevant, and providing recurring prompts for your audience to engage with your brand. Connection and relationship are about creating high quality experiences that viewers want to use and share. This is where PR excels – and where PANdigital can help you to be successful in creating brand experiences and brand advocates.

One of the first things I did when I joined PAN was to create a digital manifesto that clearly states our approach and what we are doing for our clients and their audiences. There’s no jargon. No latest trends. There’s no proprietary methodology or acronyms. I hope it resonates with you.

PANdigital Manifesto

Our mission is to shape and share your story.

We create moments that connect and move people to advocate for you and your brand. We integrate the best of what traditional PR does and maximize it with the ever-evolving digital world. 

Digital isn’t another discipline. It’s part of everything we do.

We firmly believe success is based on insights and analysis, and the right message to the right audience via the right channel transforms an idea into a measurable and actionable strategy.  

More than technology or the latest buzz, we believe digital is about
content, community, and experience.

It connects with your audience whenever and wherever they live online – across every touch point - and it extends and enhances your brand relationship.

We are storytellers. We are PANdigital.

This is more than an elevator pitch. It’s how we approach every client, every campaign. For you, our clients, the benefit is clear: It’s not a story, it’s your story. It concentrates on where your audience is, when your audience wants. It’s not a single tactic, but a series of integrations that work together to form a well-executed strategy - individual to you and the brand you are entrusted with. Ultimately, we help you to build meaningful relationships that benefit your business. Visit our website to check out some of PAN's case studies

If this sounds like something that interests you, let’s talk. If this sounds like an agency you’d like to partner with, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

You can reach me via email at I’d love to hear about your challenges and discuss how we can collaborate.

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