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This is my first week at PAN Communications after graduating from Boston College, four short weeks ago. As I’ve joked with some of my new coworkers, I’ve shown up every morning this week, which means that PAN must be doing something right. Before graduation, I was torn between two public relations jobs; with little time to choose which offer to accept, I did what many of us would - called my mom and made a list of pros and cons. After weighing my options, it was obvious that PAN was my first choice. To be candid, I knew that I wanted to work at PAN as soon as I sat down for my first interview. A number of factors drove my decision, including location, company values, and the nature of the work that I would be doing. However, it was clear from the start that what really attracted me to PAN was the strong culture.

On my first day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a note from our CEO on my desk, welcoming me to the company. For Phil to go out of his way to make me feel welcome speaks volumes about his character and that of his company. As I strolled by his office later in the day, Phil called me in to chat. This friendly, welcoming attitude extended beyond his office and throughout the day. PAN team members enthusiastically introduced themselves with smiles and questions about how everything was going so far. By the end of my first day, I felt comfortable saying hello to everyone in the office, even if I didn’t remember their name

PAN emphasizes training new employees no matter what level at which they start. With two awesome supervisors guiding me through my first few months at PAN, I am confident that every issue I encounter will be solved and that I will learn so much from my mentors. While I know that I will always have these resources to go to, I also know that I can ask anyone in the office any question that arises, as everyone expressed their willingness to help me through my PR learning process. In an environment where people are happy to help and encourage genuine feedback, it’s easy to never feel nervous chatting about any topic and to strengthen my relationships with my coworkers

If we’re talking about PAN’s culture, we can’t skip over PAN Pub. I’ve yet to experience my first Thursday gathering but am looking forward to meeting the staff in a more casual setting. This relaxed weekly social event brings the office together over snacks and drinks—what’s not to love? But more than the food or beverages is the opportunity to get to know one another and to come together as a team. It is clear that PAN wants its employees to really enjoy one another’s company, not just work together. In the office, people joke around and talk throughout the day, not only about work-related topics but also about their personal lives. The chance to not only to share your personal life but to actually have one is immensely important to me as a proud millennial. And while PAN expects, as it should, the best effort and highest quality work from its employees in the office, it also respects that there is more to life than what happens from nine to five.

I am excited to return to PAN on Monday for week two and, if things keep going this well, I know I'll be just as excited to kick off the week after that. After my first few days of warm welcomes, clear explanations, and great conversations, I cannot wait to get down to business and begin learning from the fun-loving, talented, diverse, and motivating group that makes up PAN Communications.




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