CES 2016: A look at the latest innovations

Brianna Swales

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But not when it comes to CES, the largest launch party of the year for consumer electronics. Some of the biggest innovations of the year are unveiled at the show – technology that can easily impact every aspect of our lives. CES officially kicked off on Wednesday, but the onslaught of news came Monday and didn’t wane until late Thursday afternoon.

Although we aren’t at the show, we’ve been closely following the buzz. And while typically a core theme is easy to pull from CES each year, 2016 has proven to be one of the more diverse years yet, from connected cars, drones and wearables to smart homes, cameras, driverless vehicles and virtual reality. Here are just a few of the coolest technologies that caught our eye:

  • Kodak’s new Super 8 camcorder. You heard that right, a camcorder. The last camcorder hit the market in 1982. Fast forward to 2016, and Kodak is releasing this blast from the past with a modern day spin. According to Kodak, when you purchase film you will be buying the film, processing and digital transfer. The lab will send your developed film back and email you a password, so you can retrieve your digital scans from the cloud, edit and share however you choose.
  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. Ever wanted to Internet shop from your refrigerator? Or have it take a selfie? Samsung is marketing its new fridge as the “center of the kitchen.” And with good reason. The refrigerator has a touchscreen display that acts as a digital command center, including a calendar to track family schedules. Cameras inside the refrigerator take photos of it every time the door closes. So if you’re at the store you can view photos, and never have to second-guess whether you might need to pick up more Sriracha, for example.
  • Chevy Bolt. When you hear Chevy, you may not immediately think innovation. But for $30,000 you can now drive an electronic vehicle – and there’s something to be said for that. It features a 200+ mile range without recharging, seats five and includes an app to enable car sharing and advanced GPS routing.

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