Content Anyone? Annual CFT Results Are In!

Mark Nardone

Five Key Takeaways From Our Annual Content Fitness Report That Will Drive Today's Modern Marketer

It’s that time of year at PAN - we’re releasing the results of our Content Fitness Report, complete with data that is rich with insights. The conversation starts around the necessity and the longevity of content marketing, but we took the analysis a little bit further.

To begin, we surveyed a group of top marketers across B2B and B2C industries regarding the “health” of their content marketing programs. Many reported that they felt meeting the demands of today’s customers is still a challenge, with only 72% of marketers feeling confident that their content is in line with the interests of their customers. What’s more alarming – nearly 30% of modern marketers are not leveraging their customers’ insights and behavior in order to deliver the right “smart” content in the right places, such as mobile. So what does this mean for today’s 21st century marketer looking for ways to engage and grow their targeted audiences?

Here are the 5 key takeaways from the 2015 Content Fitness Report to consider as you build your next content campaign:

  1. Mobile is everywhere but the content is not. Marketers looking for a real omni-channel experience with their audience’s personas fear this engagement the most.
  2. The majority of content marketers are struggling with the right approach in a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  3. Growth marketers find themselves measured by customer acquisition yet challenged with how it changes their approach and ways they should be measured.
  4. The agility of the empowered customer and the desire to engage on a personalized level present the biggest challenges with regards to resources and ability to execute.
  5. Marketers feel that MarTech must own the measurement of effective content marketing inside the overall integrated marketing framework.


As we look ahead, marketers must remain agile and in touch with their audience behaviors. The customer’s pathway to purchase remains a top-of-mind agenda for all growth marketers. However, every marketer must be concerned, yet excited by the opportunity the post-purchase engagement offers. Customer care, loyalty and advocacy will fuel the agenda for the 21st century marketer. Having the proper content framework, team and overall approach in place should help drive your content goals and ensure “hero” status across your company. Is your content healthy or out of shape? Let’s hope our Content Fitness Report helps your department better align your efforts for maximum impact. Your customers deserve it!

Give me a ping @markcnardone - we’ll continue the dialogue. And be sure to check back for follow-up posts that further analyze the trends and insights we discovered.


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