Cybersecurity PR: RSA Conference Celebrates 25 Years

Tiffany Darmetko

2294144289_a54db90ac5_z.jpgImage from David Goehring used under CC license.

2016 marks the 25th year of the cybersecurity industry’s marquee event – RSA Conference. What a milestone!

Over the years, the Conference has certainly evolved to attract the world’s best researchers and practitioners, high ranking government officials, and members of the legal community – all coming together “to share their knowledge willingly with the RSA Conference audience.” This according to Sandra Toms, VP and Curator for RSA Conference who talks about the evolution in a new video.

It’s an evolution the security PR pros at PAN, and our readers, know well – both in terms of the Conference itself and the cybersecurity industry at large.

  • We remember the first time Bill Gates took the RSA Conference keynote stage and gave major recognition to the infosec industry.
  • President Bill Clinton talked about “Embracing Our Common Humanity”to close out the 20th Anniversary event in 2011.
  • We listened to RSA President Amit Yoran call for change in 2015. “Let’s do things differently; let’s think differently; let’s act differently. Because what the security industry has been doing has not worked,” Yoran said.

Fast forward to 2016 and the cyber conversation continues to intensify. This year we’re hearing experts predict an uptick in trends like ransomware and cyber extortion, the Internet of hackable things, and more legislative action prompted by a rise in cyber warfare.

Each year, the RSA Conference expo hall floods with innovation to address the latest threats. But in such a crowded, noisy market like infosec, it becomes all the more important to have the right strategic communications partner at your side to help you cut through the clutter and get your story heard by your target audiences – with most companies leveraging RSA Conference as an important part of this effort.

As we reflect on 25 years of RSA Conference, we’re gearing up for what promises to be an exciting, eventful 2016 Conference with our clients and industry friends. We’ll be posting RSAC-related content on an ongoing basis, so check back frequently, or drop me a line at tdarmetko[at]pancomm[dot]com with questions. 

And we’re curious, what is your favorite RSA Conference memory?

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