Digital Marketing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Alexis Caffrey

Digital marketing is always evolving and it is important to find ways to be in the right place, at the right time and in front of the right people. Make sure to avoid common pitfalls that can deter you from getting your message across by using these three simple strategies.

Repurpose Content

Internet users are using mobile, desktop and print to disseminate information which means brands need to be all of those places to ensure they are reaching their potential customers.

Leaf Filter gutter protection distributes content on a variety of social media platforms to ensure they reach their audience, no matter which platform they are on. For example, they used their latest infographic as more than just an infographic.

You first see the Leaf Filter infographic appear on the Leaf Filter website. It was then posted on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Leaf Filter is also active on Instagram and wanted a way to share their infographic in a readable way. PicFlow, a free app for your phone, allowed Leaf Filter to break up the pieces of the infographic into a slideshow and post onto Instagram. After sharing on Instagram, the slideshow was shared again on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and looked like brand new content because of its unique format.

Go Mobile

With 80% of Internet users using smartphones to search online, businesses must have a mobile-friendly version of their website up and running. Here are a few facts about mobile you should know:

Reading those mobile statistics should be more than enough to persuade businesses to begin optimizing everything they do for mobile.

Mellow Mushroom, the originators of the Classic Southern Pizza, are the ones to follow when it comes to going mobile. The mobile website lays out all important information such as locations, menu and nutrition in a user-friendly way. Each tab is perfectly fit for mobile with all words and links easily clickable and not running off the page. With the mobile-friendly version you can find anything and everything as if you were on their desktop version.


Set Goals

Being everywhere all the time is not always the best strategy. Sometimes it is best to succeed in the one or two places you do really well. For some, this may be their website and for others it may be their email marketing. For Luxury Garage Sale (LGS) it is a combination of both.

LGS, an upscale consignment boutique, focuses on its goal: traffic and purchases on their website. This is successfully achieved through their strategic email marketing campaigns.

LGS uses eblasts to showcase a select amount of clothing and accessories that each have an individual link directing customers to a larger selection of the category they chose on their website. Rather than guiding customers to a page with the necklace they clicked in, they use this opportunity to show additional pieces the customer will likely be interested in based on what they already clicked on.


Repurposing content, going mobile and setting goals all go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Avoid these common pitfalls and you will see success in your digital marketing strategy.

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