Five Tips to Leverage Awesome Award Wins

Fran Bosecker

Has your company been submitting and winning awards this year? It’s always rewarding to be recognized by your peers, the industry, industry editors or analysts, and influential judges. Industry recognition for hard work and accomplishments is a great motivator for any company. It helps build morale and employees can be proud of their job and the company they are employed with. Personal award recognition is fantastic, too and great motivation to keep working hard.

So you’ve received your award, now what? Check out a few ideas below to maximize an award win and raise awareness about your recent accomplishment.

Social media: This is more effective when receiving the award but no harm done to recap a recent award. Share the award recognition across your social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn. This can also include photos of the award ceremony if there is an event to attend. If there is an acceptance speech, make sure to videotape it and share it on social media as well. Any hashtags for the award should also be included in Twitter posts. If it is an award recognizing an executive in the company, he/she will want to add it to a LinkedIn profile as well as update bio information.

Award logo: Find out if there is an award logo available as you’ll want to post it and share it. The logo can be posted on your website and also leveraged across marketing collateral as well as added to an email signature, if appropriate.

Website: Along with adding the award logo to the homepage, if your company has won a few awards, you might want to build out a section on your site just for award wins. A short company blog post on the website can also be used to highlight the award and its significance in the industry. Posting award info on the website is also a great way for potential customers and partners to take notice.

Updating marketing materials: Make sure marketing materials include the new award logo such as company presentations and company brochures. If it’s a significant industry award, you might want to add it to the boilerplate in your press releases and consider as a company milestone. If your organization exhibits at tradeshows, incorporate the award logos with your booth signage.

Press release: Issuing a release about your award recognition is a great way to tell the world as well as provide additional SEO. A release can also be used to update customers, partners, editors and analysts about an award win. For the press release, you can also try to obtain a third-party quote from the award organization to address why your company was recognized.

These are a few helpful tips to maximize the opportunities for your award wins and share the great news. So what are you waiting for?

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