Four things the Irish can teach us about PR

Caitlyn Keating


The Irish are well-known for their good luck, witty banter and pubs; however what they might not be as well known for is their incredible work ethic, talented writers and amazing hospitality. While these traits may not directly relate to public relations, they’re important client relations skills that can’t be easily taught.


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Here are four things that the Irish can also teach us about Public Relations

Work Ethic – The Irish have never been known to shy away from hard labor. When push comes to shove, they will take whatever job they can and completely dedicate themselves to their work in order to support their family. This is something that can’t be taught, and an invaluable skill to have in the workforce and, more specifically, in PR. We, as PR professionals, never know what will be thrown at us from clients and having the attitude to go above and beyond what is asked is imperative in doing exceptional work for clients.

Writing – What might not be as well-known about the Irish is that there are an incredible amount of notable Irish authors, including W.B. Yeats. The Irish have a natural knack for writing, which has been carried through generations. It’s an incredibly important skill for PR professionals and, while it certainly can be taught and continuously honed, being Irish gives you a genetic jump start!

Client Relations – Have you ever met an Irish person you didn’t like? If yes, I am very sorry to hear that but I’ll have you know that the popular answer is “no – I love the Irish!” The typical Irish personality is big, bold and entertaining and you usually find yourself laughing within the first twenty seconds of meeting. How does this relate to PR you might be asking? Two words: client relations. You could be doing the best work for your client, but if another firm is doing the same work with a winning personality, you’ll most likely be replaced. It’s so important to build relationships and strengthen partnerships with clients and laugh once in a while – after all, we’re all working for the same result at the end of the day.

Hospitality – The Irish hold hospitality at the highest importance. Why do you think there’s so many B&B’s in Ireland? They love guests and enjoy hosting, which is another thing that comes so natural to them through their upbringing. This is something we do quite a bit in PR as well – we want to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience when they come into our offices and ensure we have enough food, beverages and – most importantly – coffee to get through the long brainstorms and in-person meeting sessions. These little touches make meeting that much more enjoyable.

So there you have it – being Irish and being a PR professional goes hand in hand. While these qualities can be applied to several positions and industries, it’s something that we as PR professionals can especially leverage to ensure we’re going above and beyond for our clients each day. And, when it comes time to celebrate the great work we do every day, we are fun people to be with!



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