Get to Know Vantage’s John Vernon

John Vernon

The “Get to Know Us” series continues and our latest blog entry is about John Vernon. John is a senior account executive & agency development coordinator at Vantage PR.  

What attracted you to PR?

I love working with people, building and nurturing relationships, and working in an ever-changing environment where no two days are the same. In the world of PR, I’m fortunate to do all three things!

If not PR, what would you be doing?john_v.jpg

I’m a huge movie enthusiast and I also love producing videos, so I could see myself doing something in the film industry. I could also picture myself teaching, or on a completely different note, pursuing my hidden dream of becoming an SNL cast member!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

It’s tough to boil it down to one thing – there are so many favorites! Everything from getting to work with an incredibly amazing team of people every day, to figuring out cool new ways to tell our clients’ stories, to the awesome feeling that comes from getting great results for clients, and more!

How do your friends/family describe you?

Loud, thoughtful, funny/goofy, trustworthy, and tall (I’m 6’5”)!

Do you have a not-so-deep-dark secret to share?

When I was younger, I accidentally shattered a Christmas ornament in a store because I was curious to see if it would bounce on the floor. Fun fact – ornaments do not bounce!

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