HIMSS2015: Interoperability Critical to the Future of Healthcare

Danielle Kirsch

Greetings from the front lines of HIMSS! As you may have seen from our internal HIMSS Communications Command Center, the PR team in Boston and on the ground in Chicago is busy staying abreast of all the news coming from the show. Here are some highlights:

In a HIMSS keynote session yesterday morning, Bruce D. Broussard, president and chief executive officer at Humana, called on information sharing and interoperability to help transform the U.S. healthcare system.

Broussard shared some of the biggest losses from the country’s fragmented system, including $1 trillion in wasted healthcare spending each year. A companion LinkedIn post detailed examples, including $210 billion spent on unnecessary services such as repeated tests and $156 billion spent in 2007 on administrative costs such as claims processing and prior authorization. Additionally, he mentioned that the average physician practice spends $68,274 per physician per year interacting with health plans.



Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/audiolucistore/ used under CC license.

“Eighty percent of our costs today in healthcare are related to managing chronic conditions," Broussard said, noting, "our current system was not designed for chronic care management. It was built for episodic care.”

He also highlighted fee-for-service reimbursement and the resulting fragmentation caused by this model as two key problems holding back the system.

Broussard spent the latter part of his presentation outlining some of the key measures that industry leaders can take to help transform healthcare system, including: support the transition to value-based care where physicians are incentivized based on patient outcomes rather than volume of services, embrace information-sharing, increase patient choice and focus on quality of care.

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