How PR Can Help Pin Down Social Ecommerce

SamSamantha Rushovich

Pinterest announced plans to launch a new ‘buy button’ and Pinners around the world simultaneously cheered and checked their bank accounts. The new buy feature will allow users to directly purchase items featured in pins without leaving the site and it’s not only an exciting announcement for online shoppers but also an important one for brands utilizing the platform. 

Pinterest is a popular social site notorious for housing images and links to everything from DIY projects to trendy products and it’s always been a critical channel for ecommerce retailers. 93 percent of active Pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases and 87 percent said they’ve bought something because of Pinterest (source). Social ecommerce has been top of mind for brands and social media managers, PR agencies included, since Facebook, Twitter, Google and most recently Instagram, have all integrated some sort of buy feature. However, given Pinterest’s purchasing power this latest announcement is reason to make sure your brand is prepared for social ecommerce.

Shop on Pinterest using "Buy" button

Image by meridican used under CC license

Not sure how to prepare for Pinterest’s buy button? Here are some steps you can take:

  • Check out the Pinterest’s blog for businesses here. You’ll see what pins will look like and note you can only take advantage of buyable pins if you’re a Shopify or Demandware customer, if not get on the waiting list!
  • Make sure your products are linked to Pinterest. The new buy button won’t roll out for a couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your product on pinners ‘Plan to Purchase’ board now.
  • Prepare your images. Pinterest is all about visuals, if you don’t have engaging images, buy button or not, Pinners won’t interact with your brand.
  • Check out the analytics. Like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest has analytics information and this data can help you customize your pins and messages to who’s interacting with your brand.
  • Make sure brand messaging is consistent. Regardless of channel, customers expect a seamless customer experience. Messaging on Pinterest should match your ecommerce website and other platforms.

Whether you’re a consumer tech company or in the beauty business, social ecommerce is going to affect the way you make sales in the future. The news of a ‘buy button’ might be pinteresting but it is indicative of a larger trend that you need to be ready for. Now’s the time to prepare your brand for social ecommerce and maybe add that new pair of shoes to your Pinterest page!

Want to read more? Check out this article on ADWeek about what the ‘Buy Button’ means for PR here.


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