Meet the Team: Meet Laura Keesee

Laura Beauregard

Wonder what PAN's Account Manager Laura Keesee is like outside of work? Find out in the post of our Meet the Team series!

1. We all know you love spontaneous dance parties in the office – what is currently your absolute favorite song to shake it to?

Right now I’d have to say that my favorite song to bust a move to is “Shake it Off” by T. Swift. If you have seen the music video for this song, then you can get a pretty good idea of the dance moves I have, which are mostly spastic movements with a touch of rhythm.

2. What does a typical weekend look like for you? Laura_Pic

My fiance and I just bought our first house together in May and it’s definitely our dream home. I am a homebody so I really enjoy just being home on the weekends, whether it’s relaxing by the pool or entertaining friends! I will say that with our new home we inherited some really great foliage (I feel really old for saying that by the way) which has been a ton of work. We spend a lot of hours just keeping up the yard, but it’s definitely worth it. We have amazing lime, tangerine and banana trees in the yard so we’ll never go hungry!

3. I know the big wedding day is coming up. If there were absolutely no obstacles, where would you go on your dream honeymoon?

There are too many amazing places to choose! I will say that the pictures I’ve seen of BoraBora just look absolutely incredible, so I would definitely say that would be my top choice. I’m not very picky, I know wherever we finally decide to go will be incredible – as long as there’s sun, clear waters, and no cell service, I’ll be a happy lady!

4. You’ve been very successful in your career at PAN, what is your biggest piece of advice to folks starting out in the PR industry?

Be a sponge. Take every single opportunity you have to learn from anyone and everyone including your team, mentors, clients and media contacts. I’d also tell people to not be afraid to ask questions, there is a reason and a strategy behind the things we do, figure out what those are.

5. What is your #1 favorite thing about working at PAN?  

The PAN Family! I feel like I say that a lot but there is no way I could get up every day and look forward to going to work if it weren’t for the amazing people at PAN.

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