Inside Vantage’s Tech PR Team: Meet Prachi Bhardwaj

Prachi Bhardwaj

Wonder what Vantage PR’s Account Executive Prachi Bhardwaj is like outside of work? Find out in the post of our Inside Vantage’s Tech PR Team series!

Rumor has it you’re a southern gal at heart. How did you end up in San Francisco?

I was born and raised in Georgia so I felt like I had been there for two decades too long. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things, new experiences and meeting new people but it’s hard to do that when you’re in a state you know so well. I went to college at the University of Georgia, but I knew that once I finished, I wanted to uproot myself and start fresh – especially after the experience of studying abroad.

Speaking of studying abroad, tell us about your experience. Prachi Bhardwaj, Account Executive at VantagePR

I studied abroad in Brazil in Sao Paulo. No, I did not go to Rio (everyone asks!), but I felt by being amongst the students that went to the university, I got the truest cultural experience.

A healthy lifestyle seems to be important to you. What’s your secret to staying active? 

I’ve been dancing since I was three. I started off doing a type of classical Indian dance that creates beats using your feet.

I danced traditionally until the time I was 13, dabbled in some other types of dance, then took a hiatus until I got to college. I heard about a competitive dance team that was mixing the same type of Indian classical and incorporating other forms of dance to the beat of modern music. It sounded interesting to me so I auditioned and stuck with it for all four years.

It was in its early stages of being created, so we only competed throughout the Southeast; our biggest competition was in Orlando. Since then, the team has grown and now travels across the country to compete. It’s really cool to be able to look at the team now, see how much they’ve grown, and know that I helped to create that.

Going from the suburbs of Atlanta to San Francisco is quite a change. What is your favorite part of living in the city?

I was very used to the small town atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone. I miss that, but I don’t think there is much that compares to this city. San Francisco is a great mix of a large city with a small town feel. The proximity to water is what I love most and going back to not being this close to the ocean again would be so hard.

How do you stay connected to your family back home? 

The first year I was in the city, I felt like I spent more time on Google Hangout than I did interacting with people. I flew home often to spend time with my family or for weddings, but now it’s a lot of FaceTime. Technology makes it so easy these days. I love Snapchat because I know what my friends are doing all the time, and don’t feel the need to fly back for every event because I can watch it on an app like it’s live TV. My three biggest tools day-to-day are Snapchat, WhatsApp and GroupMe.

 College football season is upon us. Being an SEC fan (or more specifically, a Georgia fan), any predictions for the season? 

We don’t have Aaron Murray this year, but I think there’s a lot of hope. We do have Todd Gurley, who is such a boss. I’m officially holding out on any predictions until tomorrow’s game though, so stay tuned!

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