When and Why should you invest in a PR firm?

Sofia Holmberg

The competition among startups and tech companies is constantly increasing and it’s important to differentiate yourself from the companies around you.

One good tactic could be to invest in a PR firm; No matter if you are new on the market, need that little extra push, or are confused with your own brand image.  PR firms can help shape your direction.

“If you can get people to buy into your vision and they can trust that vision …they will trust you and give you business.” Harris Diamond


In the past 20 years, PR has become a vital factor for the success of any company, professional, celebrity or brand. A PR agency can help clients increase their visibility via increased recognition on many respected editorial platforms such as article coverage, speaking opportunities at industry tradeshows, and industry award recognition. Long term, public relations can be an investment in the brand and the visibility of a firm or individual that results in increased reputation.

Among these, there are additional benefits to PR beyond coverage and media relations. You will gain some SEO karma as your press release will be distributed to tons of news and industry websites. Using keywords that apply to your brand also helps you to raise the search engine results. In addition to journalists and bloggers stumbling across your release and finding out about your company; bloggers and journalists will introduce your brand to consumers and help them to find you online.


With that being said, here are the highlights for when and why you should invest in PR: 

  • You are new on the market and want to introduce your product
  • Your brand is not well known in your target and you need to raise awareness
  • Messaging makes the difference and PR can help you
  • Your internal marketing resources are beyond capacity
  • You are not achieving your business goals
  • You don’t know your market well enough
  • You don’t know the right people or where to put out your idea
  • You need clarification on your business objectives and how to achieve them
  • You need to expand to a larger network
  • You only get one chance to make a good first impression

And last but not least..

Expertise – the firm has knowledge about the industry which will save a lot of time

Objectivity – the firm will look at it in an objective way which gives a neutral perspective and can extend beyond media relations

Contacts – a reputable firm contacting the media on your behalf can bring constant credibility. Most internal hires will need time to develop media relationships. Agencies are typically well connected with the media and can help them fill editorial space and find experts to interview for their articles. Agencies have typically worked with a variety of businesses over many years and have discovered tactics that work well.

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