Measuring Your LinkedIn Company Page Just Got Easier

Susan Frechette

A few weeks ago I noted a key difference between LinkedIn Analytics for company pages and those offered by Facebook and Twitter – you can’t export the data. So, when it’s time to create a measurement report, I find myself scribbling on scrap paper with basic math skills to set proper benchmarks for my clients’ programs.


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Don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn provides incredibly valuable insights and it shows you trends in following, reach, engagement and more over specified periods of time. However, if I want to make customized comparisons, like the number of engagements one month compared to another as opposed to just seeing a spike in a chart, it’s time to pull out the pencil and paper. 

But, as I’ve said before, LinkedIn moves quickly. After a mere week of being away on vacation, I logged in this week to pleasantly discover the rollout of LinkedIn Notification Center. Beyond being a simple, quick and visually appealing way to access important information about your page’s performance, this opens the door to insights that were previously either impossible or very hard to track.

LinkedIn elaborates in a recent blog post, here, but for an overview, the LinkedIn Notification Center gives you visibility into the number of likes, comments and shares a page has received. And probably my favorite part, it also lets you know when your company has been mentioned on LinkedIn – which is a great way to uncover potential brand ambassadors. LinkedIn has also reformatted how notifications are displayed, aggregating multiple interactions into a single notification, in a way, compartmentalizing your company and personal updates for better management. You can also now comment and like other posts as a company representative.

On the heels of Facebook plotting out its moves to become more friendly to working professionals, it’s interesting to see LinkedIn evolve with a feature that looks and feels quite like the Facebook experience. Either way, it’s a great leap in making it easier for page managers to discover and report the value of a LinkedIn company page very quickly – a very smart move when said managers think about investing dollars into say, sponsored updates?  

Will I be putting down my pencil and recycling my scrap paper the next time I create a measurement report? Probably not. But when it comes to proving the value of a company page and its content, I’ll have real-time insights and critical data that once required heavy lifting – all with a single alert. 

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