New Arrivals at PAN: Harper Schmidt & Matt Panichas

Vicky Dhima

Harper Schmidt, Account Executive

  • I performed in an opera when I was 10 years old.
  • I’ve never not lived in a capital city.
  • My party trick is making paper cranes out of cocktail napkins or gum wrappers.

What made me go into PR?

I went into PR because I love making connections. Whether it’s building a relationship with a client or fostering a relationship with a reporter, you get to know a variety of people, personalities and perspectives.

Harper.jpgWhat made you select PAN?

I chose PAN because the people seemed so genuine, passionate and smart. I left my interview totally excited and energized and knew I wanted to be part of the PAN family. My expectations were exceeded in the first few days at the office as everyone was so welcoming.

Where can we find you on weekends?

On any given weekend you can find me brunching. I have a whole list of places to try as well as a couple tried and true staples like Lulus in Allston and West End Johnnies. Now that the weather is warm I will be spending most of my weekends outside whether it’s reading in a park or drinking rosé on a patio or roof deck.

Fill in the blank:

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Matt Panichas, Account Supervisor

Three Fun Facts:

  • Sarcastic to a fault
  • Big reader and moviegoer
  • Unhealthy obsession with buffalo wings

Matt_P_2.pngWhat made me go into PR?

I’ve been a news junkie for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been interested in understanding how media shapes policy and political processes; public discourse and perception; accountability; and the broader implications relative to governance and transparency (may seem a bit boring, but I loved working on political campaigns and knowing the ins and outs of how to leverage media to influence public opinion and create behavioral change).

PR, more than any other profession, allows me to combine my passion for news, politics and business. I couldn’t imagine being in a different field

What made you select PAN?

Culture – in speaking to many folks from PAN and wanting to join an agency that emphasizes collegiality, kindness and support, there didn’t seem to be a better agency to join in Boston! My previous agency placed a strong premium on work-life balance, treating people with respect and providing the utmost service to clients. Knowing that this is the type of culture that PAN fosters means so much to me.

Where can we find you on weekends?

Nothing new here, but spending time with family and friends; going out to dinner; catching a Sox game; heading to Newport; going to the movies, etc.

Fill in the blank:

My favorite TV show is Seinfeld!

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