PAN Communications Named AOR for roOomy

Katie Blair

Until recently real estate was an industry hindered by physical location and the ability to conceptualize a space – but technology has changed that and broken down barriers for consumers. Thanks to the introduction of virtual staging products, home buyers, sellers, realtors, and furniture retailers are now able to easily visualize spaces with real life products, no matter their location. The transition occurring in the market has opened the door to new possibilities and is one of the many reasons PAN is excited to announce its new partnership with roOomy, a virtual staging app.

Often, one of the biggest challenges in buying and selling homes is that people can’t easily understand how their new living room or bedroom can look beyond the current furniture. roOomy uses virtual reality to fill the gap between what’s currently there and how great they can make their new space look.  Real estate companies can also virtually stage the listed properties to sell them quicker while retailers are able to showcase to people how furniture and accessories will look in their new home.

Using a combination of savvy media tactics, influencer engagement and social strategy, roOomy is quickly moving to the forefront of this booming sector and we are thrilled to be part of the ride. For more information, check out the release here.

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