PAN Employee Spotlight: San Francisco’s Senior Account Executive Caitlin Noll

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1. Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN. What attracted you to PAN SF?

I fell into PR, originally thinking I wanted to work in advertising. However, I enjoyed the PR courses in college and thought that this is something I’d be good at. I’ve spent the majority of my career to date working at one agency, and while I loved the company and the people, it was time for a change. PAN interested me because of the similar approach to company culture and work/life balance and would allow me to learn from new people in a new industry – scratching my curiosity itch.

San Francisco_Caitlin Noll2. What is a typical day at PAN SF like?

No two days are ever “typical” in PR. Many of my clients have social programs, which I help manage on a day-to-day level; I spend a lot of time reviewing content, post frequency, and working with Account Supervisors to make sure we’re mapping back to the overarching strategy. Media relations is also a big part of my day – whether it’s a product announcement, proactive outreach, or a company launch, we’re always pitching for our clients. For some accounts, that also involves analyst relations, which I really enjoy! And then, of course, content – I’ve become a much better writer given the number of bylines I’ve worked on since I started working at PAN.

3. What is the most exciting thing about living in Silicon Valley and working in tech PR?

I spent the last six years of my career in NYC focused on consumer PR, but after moving to San Francisco, I found myself wanting a change of pace – as much as I love food and beverage, I’d had a few consumer tech clients in the past, and what better way to learn about the tech industry than in Silicon Valley? I’ve found that people are smart and passionate about what they do, and usually want to share that thirst for knowledge with you.

4. How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

PAN has reinvigorated my passion for PR, and I love working with and learning from really smart, talented individuals – from the AAE level all the way up to VP. The Dedicated VP model works well for me, too – I look forward to the one-on-one meetings to discuss my accounts and areas of improvement to continue my career development. I’ve found that people at PAN really care about others and are always willing to provide constructive feedback to further your potential.

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