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Last weekend, OrlandoiX (Orlando Interactive Experience) drew thousands of digital creators to The City Beautiful to participate in three days of the interactive festival. OrlandoiX serves as a catalyst for digital innovation and creativity for both established and emerging players in the technology industry and PAN was proud to be the media partner for the event. From October 14-16, tech enthusiasts were invited to learn more about the latest in innovative technologies and immersive digital experiences.


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On October 14, the OrlandoiX kick-off party was held with Battle of Geek Bands at the Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando – just a few blocks away from the PAN Southeast office. Bands at the event were comprised primarily of technology workers who rocked the stage in the hopes of being voted king of the geek bands. In the end, it was returning champions from the 2015 competition – Soundwave from Tampa Bay – who emerged victorious.

Orlando’s tech industry is now estimated at $22 billion, driven by leading immersive technologies used in its world-renowned theme parks. From October 15-16, OrlandoiX spotlighted the growing technology industry focusing on entertainment technology, interactive media, video games, virtual reality and digital arts at the Orange County Convention Center. Attendees to OrlandoiX included game developers, designers, producers, animators, artists, programmers, digital marketers, ad tech professionals, tech enthusiasts, national industry media, venture investors and entrepreneurs. All of which were blown away by the unique experiences the day provided.

The event featured general session tracks such as an Interactive Expo, Game Dev Conferences, and Digital Conferences as well as having more than 50 of the world’s foremost thought leaders in gaming and virtual reality in the same room to discuss their ideas, discoveries and latest breakthroughs.

Featured speakers at OrlandoiX 2016 included Ken Bretschneider, founder and CEO of THE VOID; Chance Glasco, co-founder of Call of Duty; Elbert Perez, former senior UX prototype for HTC Vive; and Shaun McCabe, production director of Insomniac Games. In addition, there were also industry leaders from the Central Florida community speaking at the event as well including Christina Kadinger, department chair for game design at Full Sail University; Maged Khalil, internal audio contractor at EA Tiburon, Brandon Naids, CEO/co-founder of Talon Simulations; Necole Pynn, founder of Landfall Creative; Peter Smith, professor of game design at UCF SVAD; and Ron Weaver, technical design director of FIEA.

At OrlandoiX, the technology was truly out of this world. With more than 100 live demos and interactive experiences from indie game and virtual reality developers and designers from around the country including Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and New York City. Gamers got the opportunity to put their skills to the test by participating in the gaming tournaments that took place throughout the weekend including popular video games like Super Smash Bros., Halo, Mario Kart, Killer Instinct, Madden 17 and FIFA.

PAN was able to garner both local and tech coverage for the successful OrlandoiX 2016. At the event, we coordinated logistics and were able to facilitate interviews between the media andsome of the featured speakers at the event Who were able to provide great insight into their respective industries. For example, Chance Glasco highlighted that in the next two years we can expect 4K resolution screens in VR, which would eliminate the 'screen door effect' you get with current VR technologies. He also  shared that wireless solutions will start to emerge and more investors will jump on board, further  increasing the quality of VR apps and games currently being developed. Ken Bretschneider discussed how VR will unite people as it allows them to communicate better than ever before as they can find common ground and learn how to better understand each other.

OrlandoiX showed much promise of the type of cutting-edge technology that exists today, and we look forward to CES 2017 to see even more.

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