Hitting the Deck: Untraditional Networking with 1000Pirates

Nicholas Porter

PAN Communications recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the incredibly unique 1000Pirates networking event in Boston last weekend. Hosted by the good people at Rentabilities, a Boston start-up that makes it simple to find and rent anything online from vendors across the country, 1000Pirates is as random as it sounds – an event where business folks are encouraged to forgo traditional networking in favor of donning pirate costumes and partying.

A night of networking without the networking, if you will…but with eye-patches, boots and your favorite squawking parrot.

Held aboard Boston Harbor’s largest cruise ship, the Provincetown II, the crew of 1000pirates shipped off from the World Trade Center to enjoy a night of high-spirited revelry. The trip featured multiple bars on both the top and bottom decks, catered BBQ from Larry J’s House of Q and music courtesy of DJ JefrTale (Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor). Introductions were made, business cards were passed and thankfully, no one was forced to walk the plank.

No matter what way you cut it, at its core, 1000Pirates was a party – an event where the hard working members of Boston’s technology/ innovation community could let their hair down while raising their swords up. However, the common bond between the swashbuckling adventurers of our favorite Johnny Depp movies and the start-up community was not lost upon Alex Cook, CEO and founder of Rentabilities.

“If there's one thing that pirates and entrepreneurs share,” he said, “it's a calling to explore the vast blue unknown.”

I don’t think I could have said it better if I tried.

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