Pinterest breaks through to the top 50 websites

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October 26, 2012

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The internet research marketing company, comScore, released its monthly analysis for the most visited websites for September 2012. In its findings using the company’s Media Metrix Service, education websites ranked as the most important in the United States (U.S), but newcomer Pinterest broke through in the top 50 in the rankings.

Pinterest attracted approximately 25.3 million visitors for the month alone and continued its surge in the social media sphere. In comparison to other larger and older websites the numbers were dwarfed, yet the accomplishment signals a growing interest in its platform. Nevertheless, search giant Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, ESPN and others surpassed Pinterest. It’s still impressive given its short time and existence on the web.

Google sites were classified as the top ranking website with 187 million visitors while Microsoft managed 167 million. Yahoo came in a close third place amassing 164 million and Facebook with 150 million. ESPN climbed 6 spots in the ranking. LinkedIn and Twitter finished in 26th and 27th place.

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