Zynga’s P.R. Trick: Announce Bad News During Apple’s iPad Launch Event

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October 25, 2012

This post is courtesy of Tim Newcomb and originally appeared on Time.com.

Zynga, creators of the once unbelievably popular FarmVille game, has followed an age-old public relations tactic of releasing its own bad news during the height of someone else’s good news.

In Zynga’s case, that meant laying off hundreds of employees at the very same time Apple was hosting a widely touted launch event for its latest iPad and iMac devices, one that kept the majority of the world’s tech journalists glued to their live feeds.

Reports have surfaced that San Francisco-based Zynga laid off more than 100 employees in the firm’s Austin office and entirely closed its Boston office during the Apple event on Tuesday. The Next Web reports that employees were forced to turn in company-issued laptops and other devices and clear out their desks — all while the rest of the tech industry was debating if $329 was too much to pay for an iPad Mini.

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