Barack Obama victory tweet most retweeted ever

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This post is courtesy of Dave Lee and originally appeared on the BBC Online.

November 7, 2012

The words "four more years", coupled with a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama embraced in a hug, have become the most retweeted Twitter post ever.

The US president tweeted the message at 0416 GMT, and it has since been retweeted over half a million times.

It underlined the now pivotal role social media plays in informing and persuading potential voters.

As news of Mr Obama's re-election broke, there were 327,452 related tweets posted every minute.

The same picture of Mr and Mrs Obama was also uploaded to Facebook, where it too has broke records by becoming the most 'liked' photo ever posted to the site.

Throughout the campaign, both candidates invested heavily in coordinated social networking campaigns.

This approach climaxed on results night with the Democrat using email and Twitter to announce his victory to supporters - even before he had made his speech.

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