Can public relations become 'brand journalism'? What is it?

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This post is courtesy of Tom Foremski and originally appeared on ZDNet.

October 30, 2012

I'm in Miami this week taking part in the Holmes Report's Global PR Summit and the topic of "Brand Journalism."

I know nothing about the subject but no one else does either because it's a made up term that is in the early stages of being defined. Nothing wrong in that, I do it all the time but I try to think of concepts that make sense and this one doesn't make any sense at all.

Flacks that want to be hacks...

"Brand Journalism" is hot in the PR community and I can see why. PR people are hoping that they can re-brand themselves as Brand Journalists and the world will be a better place for it, and they'll feel better too.

"Hi, I'm a brand journalist, what do you do?"

But it makes little sense. Take a look at this potential introduction:

"Hi, I'm a journalist from the Wall Street Journal"

"Hi, I'm a journalist from Hugo Boss."

It sounds ridiculous.

Will the Hugo Boss journalist announce a new line with a fair and balanced perspective, with comments from Zegna, Ralph Lauren, etc?

Or will the result of brand journalism read like a press release or an advertorial?

I have little confidence in PR people becoming 'brand journalists' for the simple fact that PR is not journalism.

There's no such thing as brand journalism, or innovation journalism, or anything-else journalism. Journalism is journalism. When you see it you'll know it.

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