HIMSS: The Only Acronym That Matters Over The Next Three Months

Linda Miller

Now that the election is over, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to relax a bit – no more GOP, DEM, RNC or DNC for a while – maybe an easing of all the acronyms, right? But no – there’s one big one coming our way -- HIMSS! It’ll be here before you know it and we’re already preparing our HIT companies. With just a little over three months out, it’s definitely time to put programs in place to make an impact. Here are some tips you can think about now:

  • Increase the thought leadership dialog between your company and the market – including the media – now. Have an opinion. Be contrarian if possible. Share insights into how your solution can help advance healthcare or play into industry change.
  • Create thought provoking content to leverage both in the trades and across digital channels.
  • Devise a plan to draw booth traffic. It’s about more than clever giveaways. Companies that are successful at HIMSS offer prospects a compelling reason to stop by. Don’t get lost in the shuffle – think about product launch timing now so the stage can be set.
  • Offer validation. With so many companies competing with their “best solution”, having third-party validation can make all the difference in the world. Have you briefed the analyst community lately? Do you have customers who will speak on your behalf? Has the media written about your company? It’s not too late if you start now.
  • Provide speaker training for anyone staffing your booth. Every interaction is important so make sure your staff is doing the best job possible.

My colleagues and I will be drilling into more specifics as we get closer, so watch for more tips in the weeks to come – and follow us on Twitter @PANHealth for tips each week. Check back here for more tips. How are you preparing for HIMSS?

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