Kate Middleton Pregnancy Sparks Media Frenzy

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December 4, 2013

This post is courtesy of Jack Mirkinson and originally appeared on HuffingtonPost.com.

Thank God for Kate Middleton. That's what British newspapers must have been saying to themselves as they raced to trumpet the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with the heir to the throne.

With austerity continuing its grim slog, and the Leveson Report casting its own cloud, the press must have been jumping for a chance to cover something diverting.

The British papers went to town. "We're Expecting," The Times thundered. "Kate Expectations" was The Sun's punny offer. Tabloids printed stories on everything from when the Queen learned the news to one mother's "morning sickness hell."

The Daily Mail put all its competitors to shame, though. Nick Sutton, the editor of BBC radio news show "The World At One," tweeted a picture containing 11 of the eye-popping 14 pages the Mail devoted to the pregnancy on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a blizzard of cameras set up watch outside the King Edward VII hospital where Middleton is staying.

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