Five Ways To Use Vine For PR & Marketing

Jessica Payne

Vine, Twitter’s photo-sharing service has launched a new free app that allows anyone to create and instantly share 6-second videos on a perpetual loop. Its unveiling last week, supported by an @AppStore Editor’s Choice tweet and early adoption from social media heavy-weights catapulted the app into the mainstream. Sure there have been server crashes and the app is a bit clunky and not immune to adult content. But for the most part, users love the ease of use of what could be an app CNN says “may change Twitter” as we know it.

Heck, even Sir Paul McCartney has already posted a vine video contest.

So can a 6-second looping video be anything but annoying? Similar in concept but different in format, Vine is a nice throwback to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) videos we’ve mostly loved since the 80’s. If done well, Vine content could add tremendous value to your business; as a vehicle for thought-leadership, engagement or medium for creativity with your audience.

Here are 5 ways you can use Vine for PR & Marketing:

  • Breathe Life into Twitter Contests
    For your next photo or video contest, consider asking users to submit a 6-second Vine video instead. Leverage existing hashtags to sustain and grow your following. Aggregate contest entries and host either on your company website to provide a more media-rich experience for first time visitors. Distribute a social media release with some of the videos embedded to give the campaign wider exposure and drive traffic.
  • Leverage Vine for Next Twitter Town Hall
    Solicit questions for your next Twitter Town Hall with Vine and get compelling 6-second questions instead of one-off Tweets. Why not go one step further and encourage Town Hall hosts to respond using Vine too and create a more compelling, engaging experience?
  • Finally Get Those Testimonials
    Still waiting for those kudos? Work with your clients to leverage Vine as an easy way to aggregate candid testimonials from current clients and partners. Leverage these sound bites as videos until you’re able to capture more in-depth videos or written testimonials. Stumped on how to get the best out of 6 seconds? Have clients capture their successes and results in five words. Use a Haiku. Hold up sales data to perpetually loop. But have fun with it.
  • Publish “Best of” Trade Show Series
    Showing at a trade show or speaking at an important conference? Create visual sound bites of the “best of” moments quickly published in real-time. Following prolific influencers? Re-tweet back using vine or give your #FollowFridays a heartfelt thank you shout-out. Leverage Vine for a contest to drive foot-traffic to your booth or panel. Conferences are noisy and crowded as are the digital channels orbiting around them. Why not try something easy and free to rise above the din?
  • Tease Major Announcements
    Raise awareness of pending news in a fun, viral way. Develop Vine videos to tease out hints of potential news announcements (e.g., product launches, VIP events, contests) to get folks buzzing well ahead of time. Encourage questions from the community, answered via Vine to others can partake in gathering information. Just make the news of value and accessable by all.

Remember. You ARE only working with 6 seconds and not all subject-matter will be appropriate or welcome. But it could transform real-time content consumption as we know it so worth consideration. Could Vine provide the winning play to your SuperBowl marketing strategy?

Just don’t overthink it.

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