Five Ways Search Analysis Improves Content Strategy

Jessica Payne

Content proliferation has turned into an epidemic of sorts. An eagerness to outperform the next guy from an SEO standpoint or simply rise above the noisy din has resulted in many organizations simply churning out way too much content.

Ever eat too much cake?

If you’re staring at your analytics and wondering why visitors have dropped, bounce rates have increased or re-tweets are down, consider analyzing search behavior to improve your content strategy.

Why Search? If you’re charged with engaging an audience for any reason (be it sales, generating coverage or empowering ambassadors), you better keep tabs on the lingua franca of your industry; namely how you’re being searched and what are the pain points of those potentially interested in your product or offering.

There are five outputs of search behavior analysis that can enhance every content strategy:

  • Provides unfiltered, real-world searches and questions posed by the public in language not defined by focus groups or brand teams. Get ready for a reality check.
  • Reveals search trends and a glimpse into a real-time, evolving conversation around an industry or need; an opportunity to refresh content and shed the old stuff.
  • Yields pain points like no other. People use Google to answer questions, right? Make sure your content is keyed into these searches to ensure your messages are front and center.
  • Identifies share of voice. If your competitor is included in a large number of direct searches and you’re in none, check their PR/marketing efforts; namely content. They’ve tuned into how their primary and secondary audiences search for information. Do that.
  • Outlines what’s missing. Regularly analyzing search behavior will show you exactly what’s missing in your own content strategy. Analyze, augment and repeat over time.

We’re all guilty of drinking the marketing Kool-Aid, but churning out more content filled with jargon isn’t the answer. A more informative, relevant content strategy be better optimized for search and resonate with your target audience.

Or, you could always ask for more cowbell.

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