PAN Launches PANoptic℠ Measurement Platform

Jessica Payne

How many of us have spent hours culling through data and packaging it into a hefty, impressive report only to hear a client ask, “what exactly does this all mean?”

Measurement has reached its adolescence and what used to pass as good measurement (blog coverage, impressions, tweets) is still valuable, but no longer satisfying clients as we educate them about social media measurement. They want more. And that’s a good thing.

New pain points have emerged: too much data, too little context; fixation on real-time data only; and lack of visibility of qualitative data. And new demands: deeper, richer and real-time analysis in succinct dashboard-like formats so easily repurposed are our orders of the day.

How do we address these emerging paint points while also meeting – and exceeding – demand of clients?

At PAN, we use PANoptic℠.

A holistic approach, PANoptic℠ combines analysis of quantitative and qualitative data (traditional and non-traditional) according to the five PANoptic℠ criteria: Outcomes, Prominence, Traction, Influence and Coverage. This analysis dives deep into areas like sentiment, share of voice, competitive analysis over time, monthly comparisons and even real-time event analysis. All reports are packaged for clients to easily present internally; whether they use a single graph or an entire monthly report analysis.

By the way, PANoptic℠ reports are available in three tiers, and fully customizable after that; always scaled to fit specific budgets and program needs.

Access to data and measurement tools has never been easier. We’re all “data scientists,” and like any scientist, a sound methodology must be used to capture and analyze data. In the traditional sense, this would be used to test and prove or disprove a hypothesis and reach a theoretical conclusion. For marketers, this analysis will prove or disprove that we’ve met certain program objectives – and via a richer, more palatable analysis, demonstrate how and why it is so. Doing this creates winners on both sides and when applied back to programs, take them to the next level.

What are your measurement pain points? Comment below or tweet @PANcomm.

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