Winning B2B Strategy: Twitter Chat Roadmap

Jessica Payne

Here’s a winning B2B strategy you might be missing out on: Twitter Chats. Network World calls the growing popularity of scheduled gatherings on Twitter, “the next big thing” and for those that participate, the number of impressions is astounding.

And they’re free.

Virtual Twitter gatherings aren’t entirely new. One could argue they reached maturity during the last US Presidential Election as a way for political parties to connect with voters. For the B2B industry though, it’s gaining momentum as a way to put influencers directly in front of a vertical audience with vested interest in a particular industry or service.

What’s a Twitter Chat? Scheduled Twitter chats come in all shapes and sizes, many of which are listed publicly and tweeted frequently to draw attendees. Some feature hosts and panels while others may include a webinar component. Still, others rely on a designated hashtag to create a feed attendees can follow and react to in the hour or so it takes place. Topics range from Marketing and Healthcare IT to Hispanic Bloggers and big data.

How powerful are they? According to Brandon Butler, “a recent Twitter Chat about OpenStack generated more than 1 million impressions” for IBM.

Here’s a roadmap for getting your B2B brand into a Twitter Chat:

  • Search Twitter for Tweet Chats happening across your industry or focus area; confirm these chats are still happening
  • Contact organizers to see if they are looking for participants or just plan to join the next one; put yourself/client forward
  • Promote involvement using the hashtag and solicit questions; cross promote across all branded social channels
  • Familiarize/train participants if it’s their first time on Twitter or real-time event to mitigate “technical difficulties”
  • During event, tweet and re-tweet using the hashtag; ask question and give credit where it’s due; give your own insights, follow participants in real-time
  • After event, send kudos, thanks; remember Follow Fridays all using the hashtag and to strengthen Twitter relationships—follow those who follow you and follow those on the chat to further engage
  • Develop/tweet a recap of top 3-5 takeaways after the Twitter Chat using the hashtag to draw re-tweets and follows
  • Use Tweetreach or Topsy to capture impressions and impact and share with your team

And lastly, don’t be a stranger! Commit to attending future events to demonstrate accessibility and thought-leadership permanency. You’ll see your followers grow and they’ll thank you for it.

Have you participated in a Twitter Chat and found it of value? Comment below or tweet @PANcomm

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