What’s Your Measurement Pain Point?

Jessica Payne

Next week, I’ll be moderating a panel about “Measuring Impact” at the 2nd annual PRSA Boston Social Media Summit. Like any moderator, I’ve prepared my questions in advance; combining those I’ve seen tweeted and blogged over the last several months along with a few of my own pain points to address. This got me thinking about just how quickly social media measurement has evolved over the last year – yet how many pain points exist. Here are two focal points my panel will address next week:

  • No Measurement Methodology In Place. Nobody should make a critical decision based on bad information. Not having a standardized measurement methodology (process by which you measure) is a quick way to head in that direction. Before you implement the shiny third-party analytics dashboard or real-time app to measure a program begins, ask critical questions upfront to identify everything from what will be measured, to how, why and who will measure. Battle-test the tools you’ll use to measure (before you even begin) and identify weaknesses and strengths. Ask: Can we actually measure this? Then you’ll avoid wasted time and effort, or worse – providing unintended bad counsel.
  • Overdependence on Scoring. Too many organizations rely on third-party app scoring to dictate success but it’s not apples to apples. No two campaigns are the same; be it content, scope or objectives. So why rely on an arbitrary score provided by a site or app when deeper dives using something as simple but data-rich as Google provides a meatier analysis of your program? Rather, focus on quantitative values that indicate actionable results like subscriptions, share of voice, conversions or referral traffic. Tracking this overtime will offer up opportunities to improve on an already successful program – not spending time assessing ambiguous values.

Do you have a question about social media measurement you’d like me to ask live? Just tweet me @jpaynebu or ask using the hashtag. Be sure to follow the panel Tuesday, May 14 at 12:30p EST at #PRSABOS.

How can we all raise the bar on measurement?

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