Winning and Losing at Public Relations

Jason Ouellette

We work with some GREAT companies on a day-to-day basis here at PAN Communications. Our client roster is flush with awesome start-ups that have larger companies chasing them, mid-size organizations that are seeing unbelievable growth and established enterprise technology groups that have been leading their respective market for some time now. What we’re faced with every day is to challenge each of these clients to push the limits. Take that next step in their evolution and challenge the market via a well-planned, strategic communications plan. We’re doing it each and every day in our public relations and marketing programs – creating compelling content, designing awesome marketing collateral and engaging and starting new discussions across all forms of social media. But before you get to do all of that comes the actual client acquisition…

Here at our office in Boston we are constantly talking about synergistic accounts. We want to work on pieces of business that are not only in the markets we know, but are passionate about. It comes across in our pitch, our follow up and the public relations and integrated marketing results that are seen once they are a client. Winning a piece of business is not something you are necessarily trained for or taught. The whole process kind of comes naturally and when you do win a new account, it feels good. It feels really good. But we don’t win them all.

Yesterday we found out we did not win an account that we have been in talks with for a few months. The team that we assigned to this particular project was beyond excited to be a part of this process mainly due to who the prospect was and what our specific experience in their market was. There was that energy around this pitch that keeps your “work” exciting. And to go so far in a process and not win it? That sucks. But it reminds me that we’re in this business for a reason. We’re in it to think differently and to continuously push ourselves and challenge each other to do something special during each client meeting and new business pitch. I’d imagine that if you’re in PR, you are a competitive person. And that competitiveness comes through when you win and also when you lose. The losses do suck but what you take away from them and learn will make your next meeting that much more successful. We work in an industry that is filled with some really, really smart and creative people. If we want to continue our success, we need to keep pushing forward and keep that competitive fire. And that’s what will happen here. So it’s not on to the next one, rather it’s on to the next one that is right for us.

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