Why Paying Interns Makes Perfect Business Sense

Phil Nardone

My first internship was at Newsome & Company (which eventually became Hill and Knowlton’s Boston office) for one summer (1981). It was unpaid. And I was expected to work hard, stay late and took it all on gladly, living the mantra “no task too big or too small.” I loved the people, what I was learning and never gave a thought to the fact that I wasn’t getting paid.

Many of us started off as unpaid interns; it was commonplace in PR in 1981. It was seen as a way to cut our teeth and prove our worth – and somehow afford lunch. Currently, there are two schools when it comes to post-grad compensation and I’m pleased to say that we proudly pay our interns at PAN. Every single one.

It all comes down to fairness and recognition of talent. To us, they are PAN family and potential full-time employees, proud to represent the firm and chosen after a rigorous interview process. We make a fiduciary commitment to them and see it translated in the stellar work and energy they bring every day, fueled by confidence and trust. Perhaps that’s why so many of our interns come aboard as full-time PAN employees and stay with us for years. Our business grows and culture thrives as a result.

An investment in interns makes perfect business sense and in my opinion, is the right thing to do.

Check out what the Boston Globe said recently about our internship program – and a photo featuring our very own Lindsay Boegel. I couldn’t be prouder of PAN interns past and present. Their hard work and determination to progress professionally inspires! We have come a long way in PR since 1981; I’m a HUGE advocate of paying people for the work they do!

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