Drop Everything. LinkedIn Showcase Pages Should Be A Top Priority

Jessica Payne

Late last week, LinkedIn started sending emails to companies saying the products/services tab on company pages will be going away. Traditionally, this has been a catch all for products/services narrative typically pulled straight from websites. According to LinkedIn, this section was not very useful or popular so they are replacing it with their new LinkedIn Showcase Pages.


This week, April 14th was given as the actual cut-off date for when products/services tabs will no longer be offered. They won’t disappear just yet, but you won’t be able to add new ones. This directly impacts anyone with a company page – that means clients and prospects. This means your own company.

As a baseline, you should at the very least, analyze your current product/service page to see if it needs updating – chances are some content can stay, while a lot can go. But that’s low-hanging fruit. Why not take this opportunity to tinker with your overall LinkedIn content strategy? When was the last time you actually looked at your product/services page? Does it tell a clear, compelling story about your core services? Is it SEO friendly? LinkedIn Showcase Pages resemble little micro-communities. And according to LinkedIn, each company page can have up to 10 Showcase Pages. Knowing that, and the upcoming deadline, think about how they can help promote and sustain your biggest milestones, user conferences or customers. Get this done before the April 14th deadline so you’re already benefiting while everyone else catches up.

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